Haiti Connection 2015, Originally Scheduled For October 2015 in Port-au-Prince, Has Been Rescheduled to the Spring of 2016

Because of the scheduled elections in Haiti and possible civil unrest, we have decided to reschedule the October 21-23, 2015 Haiti Connection Conference to the spring of 2016. After consulting with Bishop Duracin and the members of the Haitian Planning Team, we chose to postpone the event to the spring to gain optimum attendance and allay concerns for safety.

We want to be able to move freely in downtown Port-au-Prince without worrying about street demonstrations and traffic jams. We are also planning pre-conference trips to the Central Plateau, Cap Haitien and the north, and Leogane/Les Cayes, and points south.

We expect to confirm a new date within the next two weeks. Please watch for further email announcements or go to our website – www.haitiepiscopalconnection.org for the latest information.

Please contact Ken Quigley at khquigley@comcast.net (717) 796-1852 or Jerry Harner at gerald.harner@gmail.com.

Haiti Conference Closting Sermon - April 17, 2013